Pastel Pet Portraits


Expresspastel by Alex Tucker

I can produce an original pastel portrait within 2 to 4 hours of receiving the original photo. This how it works;

1. You send the original photo of your pet/pets to my email address:


2. I produce an original pastel portrait in a time that suits you. No need for long waiting time!

3. When I have finished the drawing, I will email a proof of the drawing to you


How much do you pay?.......................only £50 for an A4 size  (one pet)

                                                                   £80 for 2 pets A3 size

The drawings will be head and shoulder shots unless otherwise stated


Contact me for more information if more than 2 dogs are required!



4. After receiving confirmation via email that you are happy with the final picture, arrangements can be made, by phone or email, for delivery of original drawing and payment. Payment can be made cash on delivery(local) or by:


                                                       Going  to Web Store and click on the picture of

                                                       the dog or the double cat picture to pay through